A monthly membership where aspiring artist managers and self-managed creatives can get continued development and support to create a career in their passion.


Are you tired of feeling stuck?

The dream of getting discovered by a celebrity manager, agency, label, or investor, with hopes of them "putting you on" no longer exists.


Everyone is advocating for independence

Entrepreneurship is always celebrated, but no one talks about what it actually entails. You need to spend time learning how to run a business so you can build a viable career.

Operating "solo dolo" can be draining

It's exhausting when you're your own manager, publicist, social media manager, digital marketer, accountant, engineer and everything else. You don't have to do everything yourself. 

It's hard to know what to do next

You would like to be strategic, because you know you're good at what you do. But do you need to pace yourself? Need more content? More experience? More funds? Where to start?!


As many of you navigate these waters during/post COVID-19 that’s preventing everyone from conducting business in-person, my focus is to help you develop a business that makes money from anywhere in the world, while providing support, guidance and accountability.

What You'll Get 


There's no way I'm going to let you invest in your clothes, hair, tattoos, studio time and equipment, but neglect your business & marketing development. 

Weekly Coaching

Exclusive members only content to help you achieve your goals

Private Community

Discuss industry trends and get support from like-minded people in a private forum

Video Tutorials

Demonstrations on how to perform certain tasks that the "pros" don't openly show you

Monthly Live Streams

You'll have access to me (and the occasional guest expert) for live critiques and Q&As. 

Special Discounts

Exclusive price perks on courses, merch, and other special offerings

1:1 Coaching Opportunities

I will occasionally gift a 30-min private session (value $175)

Advance Viewing

Early access to the Rich Off Passion podcast episodes + exclusive guest offers

Resource Library

Access to a list of tools and special resources so you don't have to search for them




*Rate will increase January 1, 2021*

Who Is This Program For?

  • Aspiring managers and executives who need mentorship and support
  • Creatives who manage themselves
  • Creatives learning how to balance business and art
  • Individuals who are ready to take action and DO the work
  • Entrepreneurs who can commit to themselves and others

Who Is This Program NOT For?

  • Individuals who are looking for someone to do the work FOR them
  • Creatives who are looking for someone to put them on
  • "Entrepreneurs" who can't commit to their business long-term
  • Recording Artists who just want to hang out in the studio
  • Music Producers who are looking to make a quick buck

Frequently Asked Questions




*Rate will increase January 1, 2021*